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Blood, Sweat and Fears Doc available to watch here!

 Texas based filmmakers Christopher Ambriz and Louis Alvarado take a candid look back at their 13 shorts and 2 feature films in their documentary.  

Using behind the scenes video, photos, and outtakes, the filmmakers speak with the cast and crews of each of their films and gain a perspective on what it takes to be a filmmaker in this day and age.  Featuring interviews with Mario Aguilar, Kim Cardenas, Ryan Hunts, Mike Cantu, 

Ashley Lopez Delagarza, Sylvia Bolster, Tara Allen and many more!!

Watch the film here exclusively on our Website and on our YouTube Channel!!

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Muerte: Tales of Horror Trailer

Watch the trailer for our latest film!! 

Starring Priscilla Iden, Jessica Golden Mathews, Will McCann, Mario Aguilar, Tara Allen, Ashley Lopez Delagarza, Michael Jay Salinas, Katie Loftin, Kim Cardenas and many more!!

Muerte:Tales of Horror now available on Streaming!



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Meet our monster EL CUCUY and all the wonderful stories he has!


Paranoia Tapes 5 Segment The Witch Murder wraps!

Coming soon!

Sasha, Henry's sister is in search of him. With seeing the video of her brother beating a girl senseless, she is out to prove the video is fake. She believes that the footage, that she received from an unknown source, holds clues to the whereabouts of her brother. She enlists the help of her friend and also her audience who's she is streaming LIVE online, to see if in fact there are any hidden clues within the videos. With each link she plays, the creepier the videos get. Will she find the answers to the whereabouts of her brother, or will the videos send her straight down into a long deep hole of paranoia? 

Tony, Skylar and Matt go on a ghost hunting adventure that has dire consequences. 

The film stars Steven 'Scuba Steve' Vasquez, Dordaneh Melody Leon and Phil Torres 

as the intrepid bloggers that get in over their heads by a demonic presence.  
Night Creature Productions entry into the Paranoia Tapes series will come out later this year 

from Shami Media (2018) (World-wide) (all media) and Southern Sykos Productions (2018) (World-wide) (all media).

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