About Muerte:Tales of Horror (2018)

The Story

Four tales of horror presented around dorky wannabe witches Spencer (Maggie Stubbins), Misty (Michelle Banks), Holly (Andrea Guzman) and Celine (Ashley Lopez Delagarza) who plan to take revenge on a former lover Carter (Michael Jay Anthony Salinas) they unknowingly were dating at the same time. Now they are seeking "special items" for a spell from a mysterious woman named Ophelia (Berna Bazan-Towns) . 

Meanwhile Carter's sidekick, Zak (Eric Lee Delagarza), is sent to steal a couple of items for a séance at the same shop. While looking around for the items, Zak comes across a strange comic book called MUERTE and decides to steal that also. Soon afterward, strange things start to happen to Carter, Zak and their friends as they start to read the crazy stories featured in the comic book.

The first deals with a sin-eating El Cucuy (Mario Aguilar) looking for one of his bad "kids" that got away from him so many years ago. The second story is about a date with a vampire that goes horribly wrong. The third is about a vanity mirror given as a housewarming gift that turns into a soul-sucking mirror from hell. And in the final story, we will find out who unleashes all the evil.  

The film also stars
Will McCann, Katie Loftin, Jessica Lee Golden, Eric De Los Santos, Kimberly Cardenas, Rocky Ramon, Celeste Torres Herrera, Tara Allen, Rianna Kristine Kirkham, Priscilla Fernandez, Peter M. Howard, Ronny Holiday and Priscilla Iden.


Muerte Tales of Horror (2018)

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Jessica Golden Mathews as Lori in Muerte:Tales of Horror

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Kim Cardenas on the cover of the October 30, 2017 Corpus Christi Caller Times for Muerte:Tales of Horror.

Muerte Tales of Horror Featured in the Caller times 10-30-17

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Muerte Tales of Horror was covered in the Corpus Christi Caller times by Alexandra Rodriguez and we talked about what it was like to make the film.  Some of the adversities making the film with a extremely low budget and other bits of information.  It's a great article and it helped us gear up for the South Texas Underground Film Festival that was less than 3 months away.

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Caller Times Story Link

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Movie Mac Reviews: Muerte Tales of Horror

This is a great and funny review of our film! Complete with stick figure animation!

Film Noobs interviews Mario Aguilar and reviews the film!

Really cool 360 interview from the FILM NOOBS with Mario (EL CUCUY) Aguilar and they also review the film and go over key scenes.

Everything Horror Podcast interviews Muerte Tales of Horror

Great Interview by Paul Dulski and Tessa Marie Baker with the cast and crew of Muerte Tales of Horror featuring Director Christopher Ambriz, Producer Louis Alvarado, Mario (El Cucuy) Aguilar, Tara (Cristina) Allen, Ashley (Celine/Ashley) Lopez Delagarza and Eric (Zak) Delagarza on Everything Horror Podcast!


Interview with The nightmare network


 The Nightmare Network sat down with writer/director Chris Ambriz to talk about his upcoming anthology film Muerte: Tales of Horror, currently in post-production with his company Night Creature Productions. 

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Monte Montana of c-101 Interviews Chris Ambriz

Podcast: Locally created horror film screening at Alamo Drafthouse

 I talked to Corpus Christi film maker Chris Ambriz about his anthology, "Muerte: Tales of Horror." We talk about the premises of the individual stories and how they are tied together, the upcoming screening (that I plan to attend), the challenges of making a film on a tight budget, local talent and more. 

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Muerte: Tales of Horror Review

Additional Information

 Muerte: Tales of Horror is a portmanteau film that mostly felt custom made but is actually a stitching together of a few shorts all directed by Christopher Ambriz. I said mostly as the chronology around the events (especially given actor/character overlap) felt a little off. 

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Rue Morgue talks Muerte




Night Creature Productions’ award-winning, Texas-made anthology frightener MUERTE: TALES OF HORROR is available now on Amazon, with streaming options on Comcast’s VOD service to follow in June. 

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