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the night before (2014)

About The Night Before

 The Night Before follows the misadventures of several strangers in a dive bar one Friday night. El Borracho a dangerous, vile, womanizing maniac. Charlotte the Black Widow a dangerous young woman with a short temper and dangerous agenda. Liz and Erik, a pair of homicidal killers bent on revenge against their former friend Jenn. Shane a up and coming rock star with a dark secret. Mitch and Julie a happily married couple looking for some adventure that get caught up in the madness. And Jake a wise cracking bored bartender stuck watching over these people. As the night progresses truths are revealed, shots are taken, fights break out and a evil is unleashed. 


Michelle Banks,  Sylvia Bolster, Kevinah Botello, Sharla Brooks, Julie Bryan,  Mitch Bryan, Kimberly Cardenas, Aileen Corpos, Jessica Lee Golden, Ronny Holiday,  Priscilla Iden, Cameron Johnson, Will McCann, Ashley McKinzey, Gil Oteen, Lance Eric Russell, and Jerry Trevino

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