Paranoia tapes 5: Rewind

Sasha is determined to find any hidden clues through videos she was sent. with the help of her best friend, Jimmy, will they find answers or a deeper truth into the true horror.....reality? 

Brand New Entry to the Jack Saint Hunter's found footage horror series, Produced and Starring Jennifer Nangle and featuring a brand new film segment from Christopher Ambriz and Night Creature Productions as well as a host of other filmmakers adding to the mix! 

The film is now in post-production and should be out in 2020!

Paranoia Tapes Part 5: Rewind (2020)


The Witch Murders Segment from Night Creature Productions

Directed by 

Jennifer Nangle...(head director)

Christopher Ambriz...(segment "director "The Witch Murders")

James Craigmiles...(segment "director "Autumn")

Steven Daemers...(segment "director "Interview of Emily Caterman")

Thomas Haley...(segment "director "Helen Rogers")

Jack Saint Hunter...(segment "director "Henry's End")

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)  

Steven 'Scuba Steve' Vasquez...(screenplay "The Witch Murders")

Christopher Ambriz...(screenplay "The Witch Murders")

James Craigmiles...(segment) (segment "Autumn")

Steven Daemers...(segment) (segment "Interview of Emily Caterman")

Jack Saint Hunter...(original story)

Lara Jean...(Segment "Sasha's Story")

Jennifer Nangle...(head writer)

Matt Rodarte...(Segment "Sasha's Garage")

Nikki Vizcaino...(Segment "Sasha's Story")


Thomas Haley...Demonic Henry / Bill Rose (Segment "Sasha's Garage""Helen Rogers")

Michael O'Neal...Henry (Segment "Sasha's Garage")

Lara Jean...Emma (Segment "Sasha's Story")

Jennifer Nangle...Sasha (Segment "Sasha's Garage" "Helen Rogers" "Sasha's Story")

Charles Chudabala...Jimmy (Segment "Sasha's Garage")

Steven 'Scuba Steve' Vasquez...Tony (segment "The Witch Murders")

James Craigmiles...James (Segment "Autumn")

Clayton Harries...Demon 1 (segment "The Witch Murders")

Jimmy Villarreal...Demon 2 (segment "The Witch Murders")

Dordaneh Melody Leon...Skylar (segment "The Witch Murders")

Phil Torres...Matt (segment "The Witch Murders")

Wesley Villeneuve...(segment "Interview of Emily Caterman")

Vadim Pringels...(segment "Interview of Emily Caterman")

Sonya James...Victim (segment "The Witch Murders")

Nikki Vizcaino...Helena (Segment "Sasha's Story")

Ashley Lopez Delagarza...Laurren/Mad Witch (segment "The Witch Murders")

Damien Anthony Vasquez...Demon 3 (segment "The Witch Murders")

Joke Eyckerman...(segment "Interview of Emily Caterman")

Bieke Baete...(segment "Interview of Emily Caterman")

Katie Keating...Helen Rogers (segment "Helen Rodgers")

Neiro Farias...Casey (segment The Encounter)

Tara Allen...Willow (segment "The Encounter")


Sasha, Henry's sister is in search of him.

 With seeing the video of her brother beating a girl senseless, 

she is out to prove the video is fake. 

She believes that the footage, that she received from an unknown source,

 holds clues to the whereabouts of her brother.

She enlists the help of her friend and also her audience who's she is streaming LIVE online,

 to see if in fact there are any hidden clues within the videos. 

With each link she plays, the creepier the videos get. 

Will she find the answers to the whereabouts of her brother, 

or will the videos send her straight down into a long deep hole of paranoia? 

The Encounter

Casey, Willow and Laurren are watching a meteor shower one night

 when something lands nearby. 

They go to investigate the crash and discover something 

they wish they never had! 

The Witch Murders 

Tony, Skylar and Matt are amateur ghost hunters and

 go on an adventure to a "murder house"

 and encounter something demonic! 

Night Creature Productions entry into the Paranoia Tapes series will come out later this year 

from Shami Media (2018) (World-wide) (all media) and Southern Sykos Productions (2018) (World-wide) (all media).


Coming in 2020!

Paranoia Tapes Part 5: Rewind will be released on streaming and disc in 2020!


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