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20 Years of Night Creature Productions!


Blood, Sweat and Fears 20 years of Night Creature Productions (2019)

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Texas based filmmakers Christopher Ambriz and Louis Alvarado take a look back at 20 years of micro-budget filmmaking in South Texas and ponder what the future holds for them and their production company Night Creature Productions. Using behind the scenes photos and videos, film clips and recent interviews with various cast members from the last 20 years of features and shorts, Ambriz and Alvarado craft a story of two life-long friends trying to make films and the people that supported them along the way and what it means to be a "filmmaker" in the modern age of social media and streaming. Following the success of their latest feature film "Muerte: Tales of Horror, Ambriz and Alvarado share some candid stories of underground filmmaking, some of the ups and downs of the business, and what they hope their latest film will do for them once it's out on the home video market. Starring some of Night Creature Productions regular actors along with some new faces, this documentary has interviews with
Mario Aguilar, Tara Allen, Karen Alvarado, Louis Alvarado, Christopher Ambriz, Berna Bazan-Towns, Sylvia Bolster, Kimberly Cardenas, Aileen Corpos, Ashley Lopez Delagarza, Paul Droutsas, Jessica Lee Golden, Ryan Hunts,Will McCann, Ashley McKinzey,  Robert Perez Jr.,  Rocky Ramon , Michael Jay Anthony Salinas with narration provided by Pete Lutz of  Narada Radio Company Fans & Friends

This documentary promises to be an in depth look on how these filmmakers kept together through thick and thin, the hardships and the triumphs of being a an underground filmmaker in this world. Their new feature film "Muerte:Tales of Horror is currently streaming on Amazon Home Video from Cinema Epoch and will be on Comcast and TUBI TV in June.

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