THE Date (2014)

Matt and Katie meet one day and decided to go out on a first date. Their friends try to give them advice which is promptly ignored. As the night progresses Matt nervously fumbles and twitches around making Katie nervous herself. But dark secrets will arise making the night truly memorable for both of them.

The Last Weekend (2012)

Liz, Erik and Jenn take a road trip out into the country. Jenn hopes that everything will go back to normal after a "incident" she had with Erik the year before. Little does Jenn know that Liz and Erik have made a pact to kill her, and dump her body in a nearby creek. But once the evil deed has been done, Liz and Erik's problems have just started.  This film was part of the South Texas Underground 48 Hour Film Challenge.

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Elle and Krista's Night Out (2012)

Elle and Krista are stuck at home and wanting a night on the town. They find a ride and drink the night away, but an angry drunk becomes an unwanted admirer. This film was part of the South Texas Underground 72 Hour Film Challenge. 

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